Mobile Pay Per Call and Click to Call Advertising

James Cooper | May 14, 2010


Earlier this year Google launched pay per call advertising on mobile and the mobile ad network admob (now owned by Google) has been offering it as an option since 2008.
However, to date, Pay Per Call mobile has not really taken off.  Many advertisers complained of a very low ratio between clicks on the call link and actual calls completed.  Many handsets also did not support click to call ads and even if they did, consumers were very wary.  Also the type of advertisers who might use pay per call were not really ready to use mobile as a channel – in many cases local businesses are only just getting to grips with the internet, let alone mobile internet, whilst other potential advertisers had not yet emerged.
This is now changing as the market for mobile advertising becomes more mature and sophisticated.  Firstly, advertisers in pay per performance that use lead generation models involving the telephone such as insurance, debt consolidation, utilities, pay TV and so on are beginning to look to mobile as other channels become saturated.  For example, the mobile affiliate network mobpartner has recently started to offer pay per call programs such as an offer from the Polish subsidiary of the multinational, blue-chip Financial Services company Aviva.  The aim of the campaign is to promote cheap automotive insurance and it pays $2.1 per lead – not bad for Polish traffic if you can get it to convert.

The question is – can these type of offers convert well on mobile?  The key as always is getting the right traffic – and targeting very carefully according to handset, operator, geography and so on (see our previous posts on using admob PPC for CPA offers).   In any case, for those that can get it right, mobile pay per call looks like it could be a very lucrative area of the market and we’ll be telling you all about it here on mobyaffiliates.

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