Mobile owners use similar social and entertainment apps

Anne Freer | March 31, 2021

App Business

While the number of apps the average mobile device user installed on their phone jumped from 87 apps to 110 apps in 2020, new research finds that many users are installing similar apps.

According to findings by App Annie, smartphone owners used an average 36 apps in H2 2018 compared to 46 by H2 2020. The pandemic has undoubtedly had an effect on how we use apps.

But what’s interesting is that many apps were similar, particularly within the entertainment and communication categories.

Among 10 communication apps downloaded, users tended to open five on a monthly basis.

Among them, nine out of 10 Facebook users also used YouTube each month.

Similarly, 50% of TikTok users also used Snapchat, dividing their time equally between the two apps.

These are potentially interesting findings for mobile and app marketers looking to target audiences across multiple social and entertainment apps.

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