Mobile marketers find COVID-19 has been positive for user acquisition

Anne Freer | November 24, 2020

App Marketing

Contrary to expectations, a majority of mobile marketers (70%) said they found COVID-19 has been beneficial for their business.

Some 75% of marketers found that their users were highly engaged as lockdowns meant that more mobile users were communicating with family and friends using their smartphone devices.

That’s according to findings from mobile app marketing firm Liftoff based on 623 billion impressions from over 1,000 mobile apps.

As users were looking for new ways to stay engaged and entertained, apps that drove longer value proved to have stronger retention rates, such as money and news apps.

Around 65% of app marketers saw higher revenues and 35% noted a rise in marketing budgets because of higher engagement and retention rates.

“Customer behaviors fluctuated significantly over the last year, but there are reasons for marketers to be more hopeful than ever about their engagement,” said Mark Ellis, CEO and co-founder of Liftoff. “Mobile marketers have a particularly captive audience right now, and the proof is in our peak levels of mobile app engagement.”

User acquisition was cheaper with CPIs down 7%. However, mobile app fraud was up 15% since 2019.

The study also noted that Apple’s iOS14 changes could be skewing revenues more in Android’s favour. Nearly a third of those who were surveyed said they wanted to spend more on Android (30%) while 44% are considering it.

What’s more, new app releases on Android outpaced those on iOS by a ratio of 3 to 1 which drove 152% more app downloads with CPIs 4x lower than on iOS.

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