Mobile Internet Affiliate marketing – are you in?

James Cooper | January 23, 2010


Geno Prussakov is another affiliate marketing blogger to notice the potential of the mobile internet for affiliate marketers.  He says:

It seems that mobile is both one of the less crowded affiliate marketing arenas, yet one of the fastest developing ones out there. The total number of mobile Internet users in the U.S. has grown from an average of 10,821 unique users a day in January 2008 to 22,369 a day in January 2009 [source], largely due to the rapid rise of iPhone’s popularity and use [source]. Some state that iPhones are generating 67% of total mobile Internet traffic [source], while others place BlackBerries and other smartphones much higher in rankings than iPhone [source]. Smartphones or iPhones, the facts are obvious — the mobile Internet’s popularity is growing, and marketers still have plenty of opportunities there.

Geno goes on to point out that dealing with mobile search engines is a difficult business but that this is a “largely untapped area”.   You can read the rest of the post here.  Again, great to see more affiliate marketing people seeing that the future is on mobile !

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