Mobile in-app impressions increase 26% in Q2 2019

Anne Freer | August 21, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Mobile in-app impressions increased 26% in Q2 2019 compared to the previous year. According to a report by digital technology company PubMatic, the findings highlight a push toward higher quality mobile inventory.

The share of iOS in-app impressions exceeded 50% globally during Q2 2019, up one third from 2018. Meanwhile, video iOS ads rose 127%. Android remains dominant across the APAC region.

By 2022, APAC is expected to surpass EMEA as the second largest region for in-app impressions. It will account for a quarter of global inventory.

Meanwhile, private marketplaces (PMPs) will dominate when it comes to programmatic advertising by 2020 surpassing real-time buying. Advertisers will spend $27 billion in digital display spending, over half of which will come through PMPs.

Mobile in-app PMP volume rose 69% in Q2 2019 year-on-year. In-app PMP impression share rose 1 percentage point whilst desktop and mobile web shares fell.

“After mobile inventory quality setbacks with fraud last year, the industry is evolving to increasingly leverage PMPs to safeguard transactions over open RTB’s and will be the dominant approach to buying programmatic advertising as soon as next year,” shared Paulina Klimenko, SVP, Corporate Development and GM, Mobile at PubMatic. “The entire industry is coming together to address in-app quality concerns and we’ve already seen steady growth in adoption rates, by about 12% of the top 1000 industry apps publishing app-ads.txt files as of mid-July 2019.”

Nine million US households tuned in to the livestream of the first Democratic debate with 14 million video views counted.

Mobile ad volume spiked 47% above the weekly average in Q2 during the last week of the Democratic debates.

Video ads were responsible for the majority of Q2 mobile ad spend. Impression volume doubled year-on-year with in-app video seeing a steep growth of 391% year-on-year.

Industry experts expect that marketers will spend $11.6 billion on in-app video ads in 2019, accounting for 15% of all in-app ad spending.

In conclusion, the report demonstrates a shift toward high quality mobile inventory and buyer transparency.

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