Mobile gaming market set to hit $222 billion in revenues in 2022

Anne Freer | May 25, 2022

App Business

Mobile gaming now represents 61% of the overall gaming market and is set to hit $222 billion in revenues in 2022. 

According to the latest report from, the mobile gaming market is growing 1.7x faster than the gaming market overall. 

Users downloaded 45% more games in Q1 2021 compared to pre-pandemic levels averaging 1.1 billion games per week. 

This year, gamers have already spent $1.6 billion per week on games for their iOS and Android devices, up 30% from pre-pandemic levels. 

“Mobile is democratizing the space and is now the primary driver of growth for digital games consumption. We are seeing greater diversity across gaming genres allowing publishers to serve new gamers across generations and genders,” said Lexi Sydow, Head of Market Insights,

Asia continues to dominate the market for spending growth, followed by the US and Europe. 

While core games with real-time online functions such as player-versus-player are still the most popular genres, cross-play features are also becoming more prominent. 

At the same time, easy-to-play hypercasual and stimulation games such as 4x March-Battle Strategy games were some of the most monetisable genres while Open World RPG saw notable increases in consumer spending. 

Interestingly, almost 50% of top mobile games by consumer spending in the US skew female while Gen X and Baby Boomers noted steady growth in mobile game spending. 

The report also found that video ads dominate most game subgenres while Match Games represented the highest share of Playable ads (31%).

“From a mobile in-game advertising standpoint, our US gamer survey results from late last year suggested that studios and publishers should emphasize rewarded videos and playables, and that contextual data about gamers will grow more important over time as Apple, Google, other vendors, and regulatory bodies in several key countries prioritize customer data privacy and security,” said Lewis Ward, Director of Gaming and VR/AR, IDC

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