Mobile gamers spent 7.3% more in games during Q2 2021

Anne Freer | July 27, 2021

App Business

Japanese mobile gamers spent more in games during the first quarter of the year ($5.1 billion) than the second ($4.6 billion) which may be due to COVID-19 lockdowns endings.

But here’s the thing, spending was still 7.3% higher than Q2 2020.

The top grossing mobile games in Japan during the second quarter of the year were Uma Musume Pretty Derby at a player spending of $361 million across the Apple and Google app stores.

That’s a whopping 130% growth from Q1 2021 and shows that consumers are happy to spend in mobile games.

The second highest earning mobile game in the country was Monster Strike with $197 million in gross revenues.

May 1st was a prime day for revenues with revenues reaching $137.7 million.

The top games by download were Uma Musume, Ni No Kuni:Cross Worlds, Among Us, Project Makeover and MHA Ultra Impact.

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