Mobile gamers prefer in-game audio ads over rewarded video

Anne Freer | September 17, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Adult mobile gamers prefer audio ads over other mobile game monetisation methods, according to a survey by YouGov among over 1,200 players

Audio ads even ranked higher than rewarded videos ads and in-app purchases.

It’s testament to the advertising format’s tremendous user friendliness.

According to the survey, 86% of gamers did not like full-screen ads in mobile games because it interrupted their game play.

Some 67% said they preferred ads that did not interrupt the game such as audio ads.

The findings also revealed that 61% of respondents listened to music on their phones while playing games.

This opens up the potential to reach 1.5 billion users while playing mobile games.

“We have always known there’s a massive potential for rewarded audio advertising in mobile games, and the research shows that it is a much needed alternative to rewarded video for games players,” said Christian Facey, CEO and co-founder of AudioMob. “We are happy to be providing a great monetisation ad solution that keeps players playing and helps developers do what they do best – make great, fun games.”

Google’s AudioMob start-up has paved the way for rewarded audio ad formats in-game.

For game developers this offers significant advantages as they can offer rewarded ads without damaging the user experience. Therefore, user retention remains high while generating four times the earnings of banner ads.

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