Mobile game revenues to hit $21 billion in China this year

Anne Freer | May 27, 2020

App Business

The mobile gaming industry has been growing rapidly over the last few months as a growing number of people have downloaded and installed games to keep themselves occupied during Coronavirus lockdowns.

Data by GoldenCasinoNews reveals that China may generate 40% of the global mobile games revenues in 2020 at a value of $21 billion.

In 2017, Chinese mobile game revenues reached $14.9 billion according to Statista, but revenues have risen steadily over the last three years.

The market value is expected to hit $21 billion, increasing 16.5% year-on-year.

Mobile devices are now the most popular platforms to play games on with 82% of Chinese gamers using mobile phones followed by PCs (59%).

And Chinese gamers play regularly with a third playing games on mobile devices daily.

Another 33% played games three to six days per week and 18% played once or twice per week.

Millennials (40.5%) and Gen Vers (22.7%) are the most avid gamers.

While China boasted 381 million mobile gamers in 2017, it had some 450.7 million in 2019 and is predicted to hit 517 million this year, a growth of almost 15%.

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