Mobile audiences are more socially conscious in 2021

Anne Freer | November 4, 2020


With 2021 just around the corner and COVID-19 influencing how social media is being used, remixing content has emerged as a new trend.

According to a report by Talkwalker, audiences are more socially conscious than ever before. Customers are aware of social and political issues and brands and marketers need to be aware of this.

Remixing branded content is on the rise and 2021 is likely to see more of it. Users are taking existing formats and ideas are recreating them to express their personality. This trend is expected to last well into the next year. Remixing takes user-generated content to the next level.

Even though the pandemic may come to an end, 78% of consumers said they want brands to continue to help them in their daily lives. This help comes in the form of information and reassurance.

“As the 4Cs of COVID-19 (Cleanliness, Contactless, Community, Compassion) continue to be the new normal in marketing, it’s bound to change how message is relayed. The effects of COVID-19 will be felt for months to come. Brands need to consider the 4 Cs in future marketing & PR efforts,” explained Janet Machuka, Founder of the ATC Digital Academy.

Another big trend in 2021 will be memetic media. Over half (55%) of youngsters are already sending members every week. And mentions of memes rose during lockdowns.

Similarly, nostalgia marketing as mentions of nostalgia-related keywords were up 88% during lockdowns. The positive emotions associated with the “good old days” are something marketers can utilise to bolster their creative strategies.

And it’s evident that conversational marketing is having a positive effect and riving sales and conversions.

At the same time the line between social media and gaming is beginning to blur ever more.

“Gen-Z audiences use gaming and social media in equal measure, and that is why these worlds are beginning to merge. As the gaming industry is set to be worth $94 billion by 2024, brands should consider implementing marketing strategies on gaming sites to complement their wider social media strategy,” adds Ben Jeffries the CEO of Influencer.

There could be a sharper focus on old school marketing tactics such as podcasts which 55% of Americans are already listening to. Another 68% of consumers are already texting more on their phones than talking.

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