How Mobile Apps Are Enhancing Customer Service Through Automation

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Posted: June 2, 2016

Ashish Parmar is CEO of Prismetric Technologies, a premier mobile app development company and a web solutions provider embedding the latest trends and technology. Ashish takes care of Business development and operations.

While churn for mobile apps is increasing at a sky-rocketing pace, it has become imperative for app owners or businesses to deliver world-class customer service to their customers.

Today’s mobile customers want their concerns or issues to be addressed and resolved quickly by making a few clicks or taps at their convenience. Lack of standard customer service will stir them to uninstall your app and choose from thousands of other apps delivering the same products or services.

Fast-paced customer

Fast paced Customer

Quality customer service is the first step to enhanced customer experience, higher customer retention rate and increased number of loyal customers. Mobile app development renders you a myriad of effective ways to offer world-class customer service to your valued customers, which eventually lead to higher ROI. Different Ways your business can leverage mobile app to deliver state-of-the-art customer service.

Automate Business Activities or Operations

Mobile technology can be harnessed to automate many of your business operations or tasks. For example, if you are in the hotel business, you know that many hours of your staff are invested in checking customers in and out, doing audits, assigning rooms, reporting, etc.

What if you can automate most of these tasks? You can use the saved hours of your staff’s schedule to let them serve guests more attentively. Well, a mobile app can automate your check-in, report generation, room assignment, keep the guests informed about the various amenities along with the appropriate time to avail them, and many other tasks.

When it comes to using automation through mobile technology, the sky is the limit. Instead of delivering newspaper to their room, you can provide your guests with a wide collection of newspapers and magazines directly to their mobile devices based on their preferences. You can even deliver the publications in their native languages to walk an extra mile in your customer service. You can also use the beacon technology to keep the guests notified about the section of the hotel they have just walked into with a list of instructions or details if required. Based on the packages opted by the guest you can notify them about the various amenities in the hotel that will be served complimentary.

Besides, a mobile app brings you the opportunity to have a universal management tool where both staff and managers can trace updates, submit requests and do lot more which will ultimately save a good amount of time you were earlier spending in dispatching requests across different departments.

A custom mobile app developed can save your staff a considerable amount of time which they can spend interacting and servicing your guests more effectively. After all, you can’t automate human interaction.

Adapt to automated mobile self-service

If you want to provide your mobile customers with a seamless customer experience, embrace robust self-service menus within your app and enable your customers to resolve their issues easily and quickly on own. This will provide them a feeling of being empowered and more independent. As required, you can extend your mobile self service to a contact center and allow customers to discuss their issues with a live agent, or you can also provide them with a ‘Call back’ request feature to make it more time-efficient and convenient for your customers.

You can provide your mobile customers with a chat platform where they can interact with one of your customer care representative or staff, or you can automate your mobile self- service application with virtual agents who can contextually communicate with your customers.

Mobile self-service

Mobile Self Service

Automated mobile app customer service will help you save a considerable amount in the customer support system set-up. The app can automatically send ticket acknowledgment message or email to the customers, generate a unique ticket ID for each customer request, and help customer support staff resolve tickets in a timely manner. Automating the ticket portion, you can use the saved time for more important customer feedback and communications that can help you draw new sales.
Unlike the traditional customer contact center, mobile app can help in segmentation of customer requests (call, messages and chat) to the relevant departments. Here the agent will be automatically served with the customer’s journey since the day he/she installed the app, their latest purchase details, location, history of earlier transactions and many other details which enable the customer service execute or your business employee get quick insight into customer’s problem and resolve them more quickly.

Follow the BYOD trend or give’em round the clock access

There are several industries like hospitality, insurance and banking where customers find the need to connect with businesses 24/7. For example, if you are into banking or finance, providing your mobile customers with an app will allow them to recharge the phone, pay bills, check balance, make payment and do many other tasks at their fingertips.
Remember, your business needs to be as mobile as your target customers are. Many enterprises, insurance companies and other businesses allow their staff to use tablets and Smartphone or provide them with one so they can perform their roles and serve customers anytime whether they are in the office or anywhere outside. This is known as the BYOD trend. And it’s in vogue!

Here your mobile app serves as a desk extension to your staff, clients and partners. If you are in the hotel business, following the BYOD trend will enable your staff and guests to interact with each other through your hotel app even when they are away from the property, even during, post or prior to their stay. Such facility will help you get ahead of the branding game with higher customer satisfaction and more ROI.

Embrace In-app support tools

Set-up a helpdesk within your app. For example, you can provide your customers with a live chat option. This will enable your customers seek timely assistance in a single tap. Or you can use QR code enabled forms to allow your customers begin interaction through offline channels.

If any user is disappointed or frustrated with your service, they can initiate a private conversation with you which gives you the opportunity to look into the matter at the earliest, resolve their problem and improve your service positively.
But, in the absence of visible, one-touch support tools, your users can share their bad experience on other public platforms like Facebook, which can damage your business image in the market. It is wise to stir your app users to private interaction channels so you can satisfy them with your service and save a bad review in the app store or on social media sites.
There is one more potential benefit of integrating in-app help desk. You can reduce the no. of tickets generated by customers. Your in-app customer support tools will help you assist users in resolving their problems or queries on their own preventing the need of raising a ticket.

If you want to control the ticket volume, providing email contact and phone number on the support page won’t be sufficient. You need to incorporate knowledge base (FAQ) within your mobile app to enable app users to help them on their own.

Mobile App Developers

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Keep it multi-channel

Let your customers interact with you through multiple channels. For example, you can integrate social media platforms within an app to extend the accessibility of your app to your existing customers and prospects. The omnipresence of your app will gain you higher customer satisfaction.

Send reminders and notifications

Your app can send a reminder notification, in-app message or email to a customer when they add the items in the card but forgot to complete the transaction for 2-3 days, to remind them to shop from their recently liked items / products, to update them about latest sales and offers on your mobile store, and at many other instances. Latest in-app analytic tools help you get more insight into customer behavior, so you can ensure them of more personalized customer service and also predict their future needs.

Leverage the mobile opportunity

If you are a healthcare or an insurance company, imagine having an app that allows your customers to scan images of their identity documents, sign the documents and form digitally, report incidents, release a mobile payment, schedule appointment, cancel an appointment, trace process, receive reports/notification from you, and do a lot more.
The high-definition camera in iPhones and Android phones can be of great advantage to your app based platform. Your app can also use maps and Geo-location feature of the mobile devices to trace the customer’s location in real-time.



In addition to insurance and health care companies, a mobile with such features can be a value addition to those in freight and shipping businesses. Here, a mobile will save time and efforts to both customers and businesses alike. The more convenience, you offer to customers, the more it will impact your customer service in a positive manner.

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Final Words

Mobile app help you automate a portion of your customer support system, provide faster and more personalized service, and let you connect to your customers through multiple channels in more effective manner.

Mobile app development is a great way to provide your valued customers with a world-class customer service platform. It will also give you an edge in the market competition. Build customer-centric mobile app and unlock the potential of an app for your business!

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