Mobile app uninstall rate after 30 days is 28% according to AppsFlyer

The worldwide uninstall rate for apps after 30 days is 28% according to new data provided by app marketing company AppsFlyer.
Having analysed a cohort of users who downloaded and installed an app over a period of 30 days, the company found that developers are facing increasingly more demanding user expectations. With nearly three in 10 users uninstalling an app within such a short amount of time, the research sought to uncover why users were opting to get rid of apps altogether.
The report also found that developing countries overall had higher uninstall rates compared to more developed countries. AppsFlyer attributes that to users in these countries needing the space and therefore more frequently uninstalling an app.

When it comes to app categories, entertainment apps are the most frequently deleted apps, followed by travel, productivity and communication apps. Users expect entertainment apps to deliver and when they don’t they see no reason to keep these apps. Meanwhile, finance apps are the least frequently deleted apps.

For developers, the data findings indicate that early action is a vital step in securing and retaining app users. Indeed, app creators and marketers should monitor uninstall rates to identify significant usage issues early on and be able to repair them.
Onboarding has to be a seamless experience at first try – otherwise, app makers may lose users instantly. AppsFlyer recommends ensuring that interactions are strong and engaging.
Understanding one’s app users and catering to their demands can ensure tremendous app success. Additionally, there are a range of great app marketing tools currently available including video and playable ads that allow users to trial apps before downloading. This should further help to minimise app uninstalls.

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