Mobile and web users more vigilant about data safety

Anne Freer | August 24, 2022

Mobile Advertising

Only half of consumers (50%) feel confident that their data is safe on the web with 67% admitting to being more vigilant than ever before about online privacy.

That’s the finding of a survey of over 1,000 consumers and around 350 media experts by Integral Ad Science in partnership with YouGov.

Consumers are wary of the security of their personal information online, a lack of awareness of data privacy legislation to safeguard their data and how it’s being used for advertising purposes. 

“With upcoming online data and privacy policy changes coming down the pipe, privacy continues to be a priority for both consumers and media experts,” said Yannis Dosios, Global Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), IAS. “IAS is well-suited to help ease the concerns of privacy policy transitions through our contextual targeting solutions that will help advertisers reach their ideal audience at scale, all while respecting their privacy.”

The majority of consumers (90%) are aware of how apps and websites collect and share their data for ad purposes, but 68% are still uncomfortable with such practices despite personalisation efforts.

Brands could shift targeted ad experiences to more contextual ones, which may improve the experience for consumers. 

Indeed, 66% of consumers are likely to visit a brand or product website after being served a targeted ad. 

Yet, just 29% of media experts have implemented contextual targeting and most (51%) agree that media quality solutions will become more important to capture the right audiences. 

Around 62% of media experts agree that having an understanding of data privacy is a priority and 89% say that privacy relating to Personally Identifiable Information is top of mind for brands. 

Only half of digital media experts are familiar with privacy policy-related topics about browsers (53%), regulations (51%) or mobile identifiers (45%). 

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