Mobile Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

James Cooper | January 25, 2010


Simon over at welovemobile did a great post on mobile affiliate marketing a while back that’s it’s well worth pointing out again.

“Internet affiliate marketing is a massive multi-billion dollar industry, from bedroom set-ups to multinationals, huge amounts of internet transactions are being facilitated through affiliate networks. Earlier this year, NMA reported that mobile affiliate marketing was a little way off, seeing as buying on the mobile internet was not yet commonplace.
What the NMA didn’t mention was that both the online adult content industry and the online gambling industry have been seriously into mobile for some time and that pure mobile generated revenues are on the increase. Mobile adult content is big business, and mobile affiliate schemes for this sector have been around for a while, but mobile gambling outfits (both pure-play mobile companies and PC web transfers) are now increasingly trying to grab a slice of what many people believe will be a massive industry.”

Simon goes on to give a really great in-depth look at the mobile affiliate marketing sector with respect to mobile casino affiliate programs, and says:

“The commercial model is simple, mobile affiliates are paid for the gamblers they refer to the casinos. One model is a fixed sum per player sign-up, the other is a slice of the gambling revenues from the players they refer. The amounts paid to affiliates vary widely, from £12 to £40 per signup to 30-60% of gambling revenues. I have heard some in the industry claim that mobile casino’s are prepared to pay up to £80 per acquisition and new players are valuable enough to warrant TV advertising (Probability recently aired TV spots in the UK for its Mobile only Ladyluck casino). There is certainly gold in them there hills……”

Mobile casino is definitely one of the leading sectors in mobile affiliate marketing at the moment, if not THE leading sector.  In the abscence of other verticals like travel and finance it is leading the way.  For more go on over to welovemobile and read the rest of the article.

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