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James Cooper | March 21, 2012


MobPartner Insights #3 – How to Deal with Mobile Ad Decay or End-User Fatiguemobpartner

This post is part of the MobPartner Insights series written by @morgancoudray

This is the third post in our series of guest posts. The first one was about Mobile Traffic Sources and the second covered how to A/B test mobile offers.
Ad decay or end-user fatigue refers to the moment when a large proportion of your segment’s end-users have seen your mobile ad creative. From that point onwards, your click through rate will decrease because most potential “clients” have been exposed to your ad.  This means you have to bid higher cost per click to get your ad shown and achieve volumes on the mobile ad networks.  Here are ways to avoid or diminish the negative effects of end-user fatigue:

  • Avoid using the default ad creative provided by the merchant – these will already suffer from ad decay as affiliates and likely the merchant themselves will already have been using these creatives to promote the offer on most of the mobile ad networks.  You can easily and cheaply get mobile ad creatives / banners developed using outsourcers on odesk and other freelance sites.
  • Using keyword-based networks such as Google Adwords, or Microsoft Advertising adCenter / Bing Mobile almost completely alleviate user-fatigue because of their nature
  • Rotating creatives  is important to reach all potential users
  • Spreading your advertisement  across many adnetworks is important. Also, I have found that putting some adnetworks “at rest” for 2 weeks can be very beneficial as it gives the inventory time to refresh and renew itself.
  • Asking the advertisers to come out with new products/landing pages.
  • Using frequency capping – some ad networks such as adfonic will allow you to limit the number of times a users sees your ad creative
  • Choosing campaigns based on geographies can play a big role in reducing the effects of end-user fatigue.  For example, if you choose to launch a US-based campaign: end-user fatigue will take much longer to reach because of the sheer size of the potential market!

This issue is rarely taken into consideration before launching new campaigns, yet it should become an affiliate marketers’ criteria.
Finally, I’d like to congratulate our development team for successfully launching our brand new website: we would love to hear more about you and would be happy to welcome onboard MobPartner.

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