Mobile ad company Kargo acquires social advertising platform Rhombus

Anne Freer | August 28, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising firm Kargo has just acquired Rhombus, an advertising platform that focuses on embedded social content on publisher sites.

Renamed to Social Canvas, the technology will be integrated into Kargo’s platform.

Advertisers will be able to use it to make more unique ad placements. Social Canvas provides cookie less targeting which aligns brands with news-worthy social posts and places ads near social embeds.

“Rhombus offered advertisers a proprietary social embed opportunity that has been a proven model of success for us. Now, as part of Kargo, Social Canvas will allow brands to target timely social content in even more premium publisher environments,” said Myles Davio, Manager, Digital Marketing at Allergan.

According to insights from Rhombus, the number of articles featuring social embeds rose 100% in the past three years with over 38% of article pages now including at least one embed like videos, tweets or posts.

“Social embed content represents a growing advertising opportunity for publishers and advertisers. Social Canvas offers exclusive access to this highly targeted placement within brand safe premium publisher content,” said Harry Kargman, CEO and Founder at Kargo.

Social Canvas lets brands advertise to social posts featured in articles across a set of categories including entertainment, health and sports, etc.

Targeting can be based on accounts, emojis, hashtags and keywords surrounding the biggest celebrities, influencers and tentpole events.

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