Microsoft Teams hits 145 million daily active users

David Curry | May 7, 2021

App Business

Microsoft Teams has reached 145 million daily active users, an increase of 30 million since the company’s last update in October 2020. 

Microsoft corporate vice president Jeff Teper announced the new figure on Twitter, which was achieved at the end of 2020. 

Usage of Microsoft Teams spiked during the coronavirus pandemic, with millions of workers and schools adopting the platform during stay-at-home lockdowns. 

According to Aternity, between March and June 2020 the communications platform noticed an 894 percent increase in usage, higher than Zoom. 


Some analysts worried that Teams success would be short-lived, as people moved back to the office. However, some businesses are transitioning to flexible office and home hours, while others have shifted entirely online. 

Microsoft Teams meteoric rise over the past year has been in stark contrast to competitor Slack, with both platforms sharing similar usage figures pre-pandemic. Slack said it had 12.5 million active users in its last update. 

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said last year that Microsoft was “fudging its numbers” by including those who only have Teams installed but aren’t actively using this. Microsoft has refuted those claims. 

Regardless, Microsoft Teams is clearly a household name for millions of organisations worldwide and looks likely to stay that way post-pandemic. 


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