Meta tests new creator tools and funding opportunities

Anne Freer | April 13, 2022

App Business

Meta is driving the development of its digital commerce platform by launching new tools for creators to sell virtual items alongside a new Horizon Worlds Creator funding program. 

The tools are aimed at creators looking to earn a living and purchase digital goods and services and is currently being tested with a handful of creators to collect feedback. 

Facebook says it opened up the metaverse in an effort to add creative opportunities for businesses and influencers. 

The new tools would enable creators to sell attachable accessories or provide paid access to new worlds online. 

Horizon Worlds purchases are open to people aged 18+ in the US and Canada. 

Creators can start making purchasable items via the Create mode. 

At the same time, the social media giant is testing an extended bonus program for US participants.

It expands on the $10 million Horizon Creator Fund that was launched in October 2021.

The bonuses form part of a goal-oriented monthly program that pays creators at the month according to the progress they made. 

These funds aren’t subject to any fees. 

During initial tests, creators will be paid for building worlds that engage audiences to spend more time in them. To be eligible for earnings, creators must follow the Conduct in VR Policy and Content Policies by Meta.

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