Meta launches support for Facebook creators

Anne Freer | December 17, 2021

App Business

Meta announced a suite of new moderation tools to help creators use the platform more effectively.

The updates are part of the social network’s ongoing effort to make it easier to moderate comments and live chats.

Creators will be able to block users and hide unwanted comments on each comment in a post. At the same time, they are able to view all their hidden comment in a single dashboard overview.

Creators can block comments automatically according to keywords and add different spellings and symbols.

Meta said it was also testing a Moderation Assist feature that makes it easier to set criteria to automatically moderate comments in posts and hide certain types of comments, for example those that contain links or images.

The company is also investing in additional comment moderation including profanity keyword blocking and comment suspension.

At the same time, Meta wants to expand its creator troubleshooting support.

It now launched a test to offer support through a live chat for English speaking creators in the US. Creators can access the support via a dedicated support site and chat with a live support agent about issues such as payouts and features like Reels.

Live chat is also going to be made available globally to English-speaking creators through the Facebook app.

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