Meta eyes paid subscriptions for its social app

Anne Freer | September 6, 2023

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Meta, the parent of Instagram and Facebook, is reportedly contemplating the idea of giving users the opportunity to avoid advertisements by subscribing to a paid service. According to the New York Times, Meta’s intention is to maintain free accessibility to its websites and apps. The specific pricing details for this subscription service have not been revealed at this point.

Meta response to regulations

The potential shift towards paid subscriptions comes in response to increased regulations that dictate how Meta gathers and employs user data. It signifies an upcoming contrast in the digital experiences of users in Europe and the US.

By introducing this choice, Meta aims to navigate the scrutiny of European Union regulators. In July, the company faced restrictions on merging data across its platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Additionally, Meta received a 390 million euro fine for requiring users to agree to personalised ads as a prerequisite for utilising Facebook services.

Regulatory hurdles ahead

Meta faced a series of fines, including a penalty of €1.2 billion for failing to comply with a previous court ruling by transferring user data to the US. Additionally, they were fined €225 million for violations associated with WhatsApp. As a result of these challenges, Meta encountered regulatory hurdles in the European market. They chose not to release their latest app, Threads, in European countries.

The company now believes that offering subscription options could help ease regulatory concerns, despite the possibility of facing resistance from users.

If just a few members subscribe the company could absorb the losses.

Europe is Meta’s second most profitable market, following North America with the EU contributing 10% of the company’s annual revenue. This underscores Meta’s substantial financial incentive to address the concerns raised by European regulators.

In response to the upcoming EU Digital Services Act, Meta recently introduced new features to comply with the regulations. These features offer expanded control and transparency rules for users of Facebook and Instagram in Europe.

Key takeaways

  • Meta considers offering paid subscriptions to avoid ads, aiming to balance revenue and user preferences
  • Meta’s shift to subscriptions responds to stricter data regulations, aiming to address EU concerns and regulatory fines
  • Meta faces fines and market challenges in Europe, but its financial strength and EU revenue drive efforts to meet regulatory standards

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