Meta expands monetisation tools for its creators

Anne Freer | June 23, 2022

App Business

Meta has added a range of new creator monetisation tools to keep its creator community engaged and happy.

The company said it was testing a Creator Marketplace on Instagram to help creators get discovered by brands for potential collaborations. 

The way it works is that creators can add their interests and the type of content they wish to create which helps brands to find potential matches for their campaigns. 

The Brand Collabs Manager is a similar tool but the new Marketplace is geared more strictly toward Instagram.

In an effort to not lose out to competitors TikTok and YouTube over the video craze, Meta is also extending its Reels Play Bonus program to more creators on Facebook. It aims to bring more opportunities and incentives to video creators.

It also plans to extend Facebook Stars creator donations to eligible creators. Stars are virtual currency shared during livestreams.

And while NFTs are still fairly unexplored across the social engine, Meta is trialling some options here with small groups of US creators.

This could include digital items such as in-game tools and virtual objects.

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