Men view digital adverts for longer than women – the right image can boost ad campaign attention

Men view digital adverts for 0.4 seconds longer than women, according to new research from photo stock website Shutterstock, conducted by eye-tracking company Lumen.
According to the findings, men tended to look at ads for around 0.9 seconds compared to women viewing them for 0.5 seconds. In addition, men noticed around 33% of adverts, whilst women noticed just a quarter of adverts.
Image-led campaigns which included children tended to engage people who had children more. Indeed, parents viewed 25% of these ads for an average 1.3 seconds, compared to those without kids who viewed them for 0.8 seconds.
Similarly, stock photos with elderly couples tended to be noticed more and viewed longer by people over the age of 55 years.
The findings are potentially interesting for marketers trying to attract very certain demographics, and show that using the right image can boost the time consumers spent looking at ad campaigns.
Jeff Weiser, chief marketing officer at Shutterstock, told Campaign:

“It’s notoriously hard to prove the effectiveness of online ads but this study goes a long way to showcasing what type of images engage viewers and therefore what kinds of ads are most effective. For marketers looking to produce online ad campaigns, they should seek to use simple imagery that appeals to the target demographic.”

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