May Offer with Waypedia, $0.20 per Worldwide Install for your App

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Partner Post - Waypedia - Promote Your App

Posted: May 16, 2016

Waypedia, the Atlanta, USA-based company focused on ranking apps at the lowest cost, is currently offering mobyaffiliates readers a $0.20 per worldwide install rate for the first 500k worldwide installs. The amount allowed per day is 5k and 10K (or the maximum available). To redeem you need to get involved in the “mobyaffiliates MAY deal”. The conditions for this offer are found below.
Promote your app in seconds with Waypedia 

  • Your App needs to be  available worldwide and rated for teen or everyone.
  • For apps over 30MB, please consult Waypedia first.
  • It’s recommended that you promote a fully debugged app with an ASO description. This should be in several languages before you promote it, since the ranking effects will be very high.
  • This offer is only valid during May 2016.

For more information visit the Waypedia site here.

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