Maven launch first telemedicine app for college students

Melanie Ring | August 8, 2016

App Development


Maven, a digital clinic that allows women to access healthcare providers via video and instant messaging, have launched Maven Campus, the first telemedicine app exclusively for college students.

Currently in beta, with a full launch planned in the autumn, Maven Campus provides unlimited access to on-demand care. The subscription-based app gives students 24/7 access to specialists including gynaecologists, nurses, and mental health providers via video appointments and private messages.

Maven Campus: telemedicine app for college students

Maven says college students have specific health questions and needs which aren’t being met by college health services due to long wait times. According to Maven’s sources, one in five college students have an STI, one in four college women experience sexual assault on campus and 95% of colleges say psychological problems are a growing concern.

Kate Ryder, Maven’s CEO and Founder continues:


“College females navigate healthcare in an entirely different way than their male counterparts. They came to us for birth control prescriptions; mental health consults about depression, anxiety, and body issues; and other general questions about their health. College students, on their own for the first time, have lots of questions and they want answers to quickly. Campus health services, according to our users across hundreds of campuses, leave much to be desired.”

Last year, Maven raised $2.2million from seven investors in a seeding round led by Great Oaks Venture Capital. Maven is available on every campus in the United States.

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