Marchex report finds mobile display ads are going strong, generating customer calls

Marchex, a mobile advertising technology company offering services for businesses relying on consumer phone calls to drive sales, recently published findings that highlight almost half of search-generated calls were from existing customers. The company analysed 1.8 million calls to compare mobile ad channels to drive sales prospects in the Financial Services and Insurance categories.
Using its own IVR disambiguation system to separate prospects from customer service calls and others, the report shows that 31% of calls were made from new prospects. 69% were unintended and include calls from existing customers, repeat calls and misdials.
Calls to Insurance Advertisers in 2014
Source: Marketingland
At 48%, search engines received the highest number of calls from existing customers, while mobile display had the least (10%).
Interestingly, the iPhone outperformed Android traffic by more than double, hinting at differences in income of smartphone owners who are in the market for financial and insurance services.
Top Mobile Devices by Percentage of User Sessions
Source: Marketingland
John Busby, Senior Vice President of the Marchex Institute, says:

“To me, the results showed that all mobile advertising channels have value. The key for marketers is adopting tools where they can be accurately measured and optimized. Take mobile search for example – this is a channel that produces a ton of phone calls. It turned out that nearly half of those phone calls are from existing customers, rarely the goal of a mobile advertising program. On the other hand, display produces phone calls from new prospects, but also a lot of accidental phone calls. There is gold in every channel, marketers just need the intel to sort it out and adjust campaign focus and spend.”

You can read the full report here.

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