Majority of marketers expect iOS14 changes to affect their budgets negatively

Anne Freer | November 23, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Mobile marketers are concerned and confused about the upcoming changes introduced by Apple for its iOS14.

That’s according to a survey by mobile measurement firm AppsFlyer and the Mobile Marketing Association which found that 74% of advertisers expect changes to the use of Identifier for Advertisers to affect them negatively.

Some expect to lose identifying information on up to 50% of consumers because of the new rules.

“One of the key points is really the high level of uncertainty. And the fact that people know that something is going on,” said Jasper Radeke, senior director of marketing for North America at AppsFlyer, said in an interview with GamesBeat. “It’s not 100% fear. People are waiting until the privacy changes are being implemented and people know something is happening. Some people are very familiar with it, and some are uncertain.”

Apple, earlier this year, confirmed that iOS14 would come with a series of new privacy features that require consumers to opt-in for permission to be tracked.

Following backlash from the community, Apple decided to give marketers and app developers more time and changed its rollout of these addition to early 2021.

Yet, some 74% of marketers expect revenue losses and 19% said they would shift ad spend within mobile, while 33% may reduce mobile ad spend altogether.

“An overwhelming majority of people basically say that they believe the changes are going to be negative,” Radeke said. “The more people know about the actual changes implemented by Apple, the higher likelihood they are going to be negative.”

Less than half of marketers may adopt SKAdNetwork and just 21% are confident that they can reliably continue to identify for measurements.

However, some 80% admit that it’s likely similar privacy rules will come to Android.

Another 71% said they trust probabilistic data while 70% trust it somewhat for measurement and attribution.

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