Majority of consumers do not trust social apps for online shopping

Anne Freer | November 28, 2023

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While social media apps have not yet fully embraced eCommerce in the West, the trend of making purchases through social apps is on the rise. A growing number of users seem increasingly willing to make in-stream purchases, even though they still prefer dedicated eCommerce platforms.

Majority of consumers opt for website over social media shopping

A recent survey conducted by The Influencer Marketing Factory, in which 1,000 US consumers were interviewed to gain insights into their online shopping behaviours and preferences, found that 62% of consumers prefer eCommerce platforms to social media for online shopping.

Around half of consumers prefer both online and offline shopping.

Shopping options consumers prefer

Source: The Influencer Marketing Factory

Every social media app aspires to tap into this trend and increase in-app spending, potentially boosting their revenue. But the latest survey finds that most consumers still harbour reservations about trusting social platforms for in-stream transactions, opting for the security and reliability offered by dedicated online shopping platforms.

Trust is the issue

According to the survey, 31% of consumers do not trust social media when it comes to purchasing something. They’re worried about their data as well as not knowing enough about the seller.

Almost half of consumers have never or just a few times a year purchased on social media with apparel being the most frequently bought category.

Half of consumers do not trust social apps

Source: The Influencer Marketing Factory

40% consumers consider product reviews to be very important for making purchasing decision on social apps.

But the findings also highlight that most users need to see a product just one to two times on social media before making a decision to buy it.

Path to purchase

Source: The Influencer Marketing Factory

The report highlights the significant trust issue that remains a barrier, especially considering the prevalence of scams on social platforms. Overcoming this hurdle may take some time, but there may be a gradual shift happening.

Key takeaways

  • 62% of consumers favour dedicated eCommerce platforms over social media for online shopping
  • 31% of consumers do not trust social media for purchases due to data and seller concerns
  • Users often decide to purchase a product after seeing it one to two times on social media

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