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James Cooper | September 27, 2012

Mobile Advertising

mAdserve is a new fully open source mobile ad server, developed by the same company behind the Mobfox mobile ad network, the largest in Europe by volume of installed SDKs.  This is something that mobile app developers everywhere are going to get very excited about.  It’s a fully open source mobile ad server with some very sweet features.  We got an early preview of the ad server the other day from Julian Zehetmayer the founder of mAdserve the other day in London and were very impressed with the product.  There is really nothing like this out in the market right now – yes, you can use hosted mobile ad servers but for those who want more control there’s nothing as big as the major desktop/ online ad platforms like OpenX.   mAdserve really does feel like a big breakthrough in the market and could have a huge impact on the revenues of mobile app developers that deploy the code.

Direct connections to 30 mobile ad networks
This is already hooked up to over 30 mobile ad networks and you can use your own accounts – the server doesn’t take a cut of the revenue.  So you can serve ads from multiple networks and optimize your revenues just like other mobile ad optimizers but without having to pay a revenue share.   With over 30 networks connected you can get access to a wide range of advertiser demand and use different networks for specific geographies, devices or using custom rules.
As well as integrations with mobile ad networks get access to an over-the-top alerts system which allows you to access requests from ad networks for specific types of inventory.  These features provide an incredibly responsive system for app monetization and access to huge liquidity in terms of advertisers for all your mobile inventory.   Mobile ad networks are already advertising the fact that they support mAdserve so it already seems to be becoming a standard platform to support.
As well as generating revenue from third party ad networks developers can serve and manage their own ads directly, for example, in-house ads, direct-sales and cross promotional deals.  mAdserve even supports billing and IO generation via paypal.  You have full control over ad rates and can choose from CPC and CPM based charging models.  If you own or publish multiple apps or games this could be a great solution to help you manage the overall portfolio and increase cross promotional efforts.

Fully open source SDK
Developers can adapt the code as they wish.  You can download the SDKs from the mAdserve site or they are hosted over at Github.  All the code is fully open source and you can fork and branch it at will.  There is already a decent community springing up around the code over on Github and the mobfox guys have also setup a Getsatisfaction forum and are over there answering questions regarding implementation and the code base.  This is also really high quality code – the mobfox SDK, on which mAdserve draws on has a great reputation in the market.

Additional support available
mAdserve offers a range of premium service options to help you configure the server and get maximum performance from it.  You can pay for additional features to be built or for custom ad network integrations.   This is basically like having your own in-house mobile ad server development team but at a small fraction of the price.  Custom development work starts at $200 US per hour but a one-off installation is available as low as $250.
Works well on standard server setups 
You don’t need a super-fast server to run mAdserve which works effectively, with minimal latency including on low cost boxes.  A 1GB Ram Linux single Core server can support 9 figure ad impressions per month and a higher end multi-core high GB server can easily support billions of monthly impressions making this a viable solution for even the biggest games publishers.  Developers can use the premium support service to help scale to larger volumes of impressions.  The code is as easy to install as a popular forum software such as vbulletin.   Running a mobile ad server has never been so easy before this.
Range of ad formats supported
mAdserve supports all the most important mobile ad formats:

  • banners – ranges of sizes
  • interstitials – commonly used for in-game ads, on startup or as a content lock
  • rich media – supporting video and rich media ads in the mRaid format

Who is it for?
All kinds of Android, IOS and mobile web apps.  This would probably suit medium to large developers who want more control and better revenue terms than with a hosted mobile ad server and are not yet running their own in-house mobile ad management system.
Anyway this looks like a real step change in terms of what’s out there to help mobile app developers increase their mobile ad revenues, manage direct sales and in-house ads so well worth taking a look at.  It could even be possible to see higher revenues beyond that already being achieved with a hosted ad server for example, due to the fact that mAdserve is not taking any revenue from the ad networks it connects you to.
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