Low response rates on app stores are hampering app retention

Anne Freer | October 20, 2021

App Business

Mobile games continue to account for the majority of consumer spend on the Google Play (80%) and App Store (65%).

This highlights the tremendous opportunity for app developers to reach gaming audiences.

However, research by app review insight platform AppFollow highlights that many developers are not yet engaging enough with audiences.

Only 10% of reviews on Play Store and 20% of those on the App store receive a response from app makers which falls flat compared to industry standards (gaming apps receive an average response rate of 8%). Not only are these brands not responding to reviews, they aren’t keeping track of customer sentiment or feature requests from real users. That’s causing some resentment among users.

“2020, and 2021 so far, have been defining years for many apps and categories in the app stores,” said Anatoly Sharifulin, Founder and CEO of AppFollow. “Now more than ever, consumers are looking to friends and families for recommendations on what brands and services to use. With this comes the increased importance of reviews, and the future of apps is limitless if brands can understand the needs and wants of consumers.”

The latest report found that finance was another competitive app category with the largest number of apps (38) featured in the top 50 on Google Play.

Financial apps tend to have higher response rates (25%) compared to other categories with the average response time being 0.8 days.

Shopping app response rates were also low at 4% and taking 6.8 days for a response.

Auto and vehicles was the worst category for response rates on Google Play while entertainment ranked worst on the App Store.

The study highlights that apps with customer support had a 30% retention rate.

77% of people read at least one review before downloading an app, with 100% of users browsing on the stores that discover an app will see the average rating.

“With 39.9% of people uninstalling apps due to lack of use, it’s no surprise that if customers aren’t feeling heard or seen, they will lose their connection to the brand and, therefore, uninstall the app,” said Sharifulin.

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