Loopchat social app reaches quarter of million user milestone

Anne Freer | June 2, 2021

App Business

LoopChat, a social network for university students, said it reached 250,000 users sharing some 50,000 messages daily.

Launched in 2020 by Jason Li while still at college, the app addresses a major gap in the market and has since become a popular app among college freshmen in the US.

Downloads were boosted by pandemic lockdowns as students struggled to interact with one another.

“In college, it’s easy to meet lots of people every day, but it’s not as easy to make and keep long-lasting connections” said Founder Jason Li. “LoopChat was created with this in mind: that the greatest value you’ll take away from your college experience are the connections you make with others. It warms my heart to see hundreds of users on our app befriending their classmates, making plans to hang out, sharing class schedules…. the sense of community on LoopChat is incredible.”

The app helps new students by finding friends and joining local communities to discuss classes, hanging out and dating.

The app can only be downloaded by students with working university email addresses.

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