The Big List of Enterprise Mobility Companies



As connected mobile devices have gotten cheaper and more powerful, businesses and large-scale enterprises have looked to them to provide better solutions to old problems. From diagnostics tools on the field to easier data access, and now on to the ever-expanding Internet of Things, there are a number of companies that have made mobility solutions for enterprises part of their key offerings.

At its core, enterprise mobility is a way of increasing profits via the use of mobile devices. This can be as simple as an app for your salesforce to access the latest deals and data on their tablet, or creating complex monitoring networks and all-in-one diagnostics tools for field operators otherwise miles away from internet access and supply lines.

Naturally consultancies and network providers are among the leaders in developing and delivering enterprise mobility, having the know-how to identify opportunities to streamline operations and increase profits via with mobile devices. Some just provide consultancy services, but the companies listed here often offer a very wide range of solutions. We’ve divided them into their “key” focus areas, but keep in mind they may have much more on offer.

Platforms and Apps

Sometimes, the simplest solution can be an app for your employees, but that requires a backend, good UX/UI design and cloud services to make the whole thing work. These companies provide both business-specific app design as well as platforms for your company to make and manage its own solutions.

SAP – SAP offer three key components to improve your business through mobile devices: an app development platform, messaging services and cloud-based mobile device management. Partnered with Tata Consultancy.

Good Technology – Free trials are available for the Secure Mobile Platform for Business, and other solutions are available too, such as device, content and app management, mobile collaboration and workflows and more.

IBM – Watson is IBM’s platform for the IoT, aimed at pushing the limits of “cognitive computing”. Has been used to effectively manage electricity grids, smart buildings, real estate software and escalator management.

Citrix – From their Workspace suite to meeting and training software, enterprise app stores, secure networks and cloud infrastructure, Citrix offer it all when it comes to mobility solutions, with a focus on the business sector.

Citrix XenMobile enterprise mobility management


Airwatch – With a specific focus on privacy and a free 30-day trial available, Airwatch covers all devices and all operating systems in its EMM solutions. Trusted by 16,000+ customers including the US Army Corp of Engineers.

DMI – Chiefly EMM app-service providers, DMI have won a large number of awards for their work in designing industry apps and even working with the US government. Considered a “strong contender” by Forrester Wave.

Intermec – Part of Honeywell, Intermec has four iterations: EM Planning, Deployment, Workforce Support and Intelligence, Monitoring & Analytics. These services cover the full range of platforms, from iOS and Android to web and more.

Unisys – As well as providing M2M platforms, management and app development for iOS, Android, Win8 and crossplatform, Unisys is also an authorised Apple service provider, adding warranty and support services.


The great advantage of mobile solutions is their potential to be connected almost everywhere – no more reporting back to the local computer station in order to run the numbers and figure out a solution. That data needs networks to carry it, however, and those networks need to be as secure as possible to avoid industrial tampering, data leaks or outages.

Sophos – Offers a very wide range of enterprise mobility security products, divided in three main categories: network, enduser and server protection. These can extend to your customers, and they offer  free trials for all the above.

Cisco  No introduction needed here, Cisco do networks, and they provide specific hardware for enterprise mobility networks.

Deutsche Telekom – The German telecoms giant offers more or less every service in EMM apart from the devices themselves. From security to the “worlds largest WiFi network”, they also offer 24/7 support of their services.

Telefònica – Mobile services (content management and apps), white papers, security and management services are just a few of the services offered by Telefònica, of which O2 and vivo are brands. Also delivers old-school SMS and MMS services.

Telefonica M2M



To continue on the security topic, its not just the network that needs to be secured, but also the individual apps and the devices themselves.

Symantec – The company behind the famous Norton antivirus software also has a large number of mobility solutions for enterprises, understandably focused on security, in sectors such as automoting and industrial control systems.

Mobile Iron – Quite focused on EMM security, Mobile Iron has partnered with IBM and VMWare to set standards for enterprise applications, called the AppConfig Community. Offers an EMM platform, security gateway and backend.

Infosys – One of the more known names in this list, they only provide consultancy services but have a wide range of experience in EMM.


End-to-End Providers

Given their experience and know-how, some companies provide end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions, from the identification of ways in which mobile devices can help to developing and implementing those solutions. The cycle is complex, requiring business acumen, technological competencies as well as design and coding skills and the know-how to make it all work. These are some of the companies that have all of the above.

AT&T – The full gamut of EMM solutions can be obtained from AT&T – M2M solutions, mobile devices for business, secure messaging apps and field solutions are all part of their portfolio.  

Soti – End-to-end solutions provider for enterprise mobility, Soti can develop apps, backends, management software, security and cloud services for your company – as well as dabbling in the Internet of Things.

SOTI Case Study Series – Peninsula Hotels


Motorola – A household name in mobile devices until recently, Motorola have now shifted to providing mobility services to industries ranging from automotive to law enforcement and retail.

Stratix – Claims to be in the enterprise mobility business for thirty years, and has  worked with large companies such as Coca Cola in that time. From planning to deployment and support they cover most EMM solutions.

Tech Mahindra – Mahindra’s EMM-dedicated arm, the company offers both B2E and B2B/B2C mobility solutions. End-to-end services provided and has delivered over 150 projects.

Verizon – Another networking giant, Verizon has four major branches in its EMM suite: a workforce manager, an app manager, a voice encryption service and “pro services”, which include strategy, implementation and support.

Vox Mobile – Enterprise mobility is not just a branch of Vox Mobile, its their entire raison d’être, covering everything from architecture to auditing tools. Partners with Samsung and Blackberry, among others.

Widepoint Solutions – US-centric, differentiates its mobility solutions between enterprise, federal and state levels. They also provide lifecycle management and cybersecurity solutions, as well as secure BYOD and app development.



Can your company benefit from enterprise mobility? Perhaps its best to have someone experienced in the sector consult on whether that’s the case before you commission an entire app and back-end system and buy dozens of devices for your workers.

Accenture – One of the consulting giants, Accenture offers three EMM products: collaboration and learning software, sales force enablement (giving access to key product info and sales functions) and field force enablement.

Atos – Markets its products as “smart mobility”. They cover consulting and mobile strategy as well as app design and development, testing and management. A specific focus is on “contextual services” to gain a business advantage.

Wipro – Consulting and mobile device certification and automation are the two EMM services provided by Wipro, as well as end-to-end testing, including back ends and apps.

Tangoe – The company itself offers a number of services including strategy and consulting, but their EMM solutions cover the whole spectrum, from planning to deployment.

Matrix Mobility Solution Suite by Tangoe


If you’re looking at ways to improve your business, you could do worse than looking at mobile solutions. The perfect environment of cheap and powerful mobile devices, cloud computing and software is offering a wide set of solutions to enterprises, and the field being relatively new means ideas are emerging which could revolutionise the way you do business. If you feel we’ve missed out on any major enterprise mobile solutions providers, let us know!

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