Leadbolt launches Android app icon ad format

James Cooper | February 28, 2012


So the guys at Leadbolt have announced a neat new feature in the mobile ad platform for app developers.  This revolutionary new ad format provides a new way to monetize your App even when users are not using your app.
leadbolt app icon
Since its recent launch, the LeadBolt the App Icon has quickly gained popularity amongst Android app publishers because it provides them with a new and innovative way to monetize their app even when users are not even using it.  The results are now out…this new ad type has already received millions of impressions and early adopter developers have achieved fantastic global eCPMs.  This means that Apps that get downloaded but not used still have the opportunity to generate revenues, by loading the icon onto the users handset.
Leadbolt claim that users love App Icons as their display is typically user driven and not another annoying banner to distract then during App usage. At any time, a user can click the App Icon from their home screen to open their browser and access a list of downloadable apps. The user can choose to install top rated apps from the Android marketplace.  LeadBolt’s combination of high performing and enticing apps and offers displayed via the app icon shortcut are earning high eCPMs for app developers.  There is definitely a question here about how spammy this ad method is – users can easily remove the icon but some might be annoyed it was loaded on there in the first place.  Ultimately though, if users don’t get value from the icon they’ll not use it or delete.
Not started yet? Sign-up to Leadbolt and get started with this new ad format today! Download the new SDK for Android (version 3.0) from the publisher portal then simply click “Add Ad” under an app in the Apps tab and select “App Icon (SDK)”. You will then be given the section id to add to your App Icon code.
All the innovation in mobile ads seems to be coming from Android these days – interesting times!

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