KptnCook recipe app gets cash injection from Miele

Anne Freer | February 25, 2021

App Business

Miele, the company that makes household appliances, announced that it had increased its stake in recipe app KptnCook to 50%.

KptnCook was founded by a Berlin-based start-up in 2014. The app provides plenty of fresh and healthy recipes to give people daily inspiration for new meals.

Most recipes take just 30 minutes to prepare.

The app received the the Google Design Award in 2018, followed by the coveted German Design Award by the German Design Council in 2020.

Miele originally acquired a stake in the firm in 2018, but with KptnCook recently breaking through the 20 million app session mark, it decided to boost its investment.

“In the future, we aim to meet the highly varied preferences of individual users with our recipe suggestions – including more offers for vegetarian and vegan dishes – to an even greater extent, dovetailing with the shopping experience at the supermarket,” explained Alex Reeg, Managing Director of the successful KptnCook app.

Miele hopes that the investment can bolster its integration of the app into the company’s CookAssist system.

The investment also bolsters the app’s market position across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Reeg added that the company plans to expand its business model and add more functions to the app as well as weekly planners for subscribers.

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