Kochava launches Optimization Beacon promising to be ‘The Future of Mobile Advertising Intelligence’

The freshly launched Kochava Optimization Beacon is said to be the first of its kind – a prognostic machine learning tool available directly to advertisers. Unveiled by Kochava, the mobile attribution analytics and optimization company, at the MWC this year, the beacon can be used by advertisers to automate the efficiency of their mobile ad campaigns, for a plug-and-play experience. Real-time generation of data-driven targeting allows advertisers to offer campaign impressions using more criteria, saving time and expenses.
Praising the technology, Scott Lake, Director of product planning and strategy, Priceline.com, commented:

“The Kochava Optimization Beacon is going to be a game changer for us. The Beacon will allow us to leverage our first-party data in a trusted manner to programmatically and algorithmically find the most value from our mobile user acquisition partners.”

Kochava further announced it had acquired InferSystems, a predictive analytics software company for the mobile advertising market. The company has plans to integrate InferEngine technology into its Kochava Platform, hoping to ring in a new era of transparency and data-driven efficiency for mobile advertisers.
Charles Manning, Kochava CEO, says:

“While other measurement technology vendors are raising tens of millions of dollars to build teams who are just starting to think about campaign optimization, Kochava has acquired proven technology and an existing team, and will be shipping product that will be serving Kochava customers in the next month. 2015 will be the year transparency in the mobile ad industry becomes the rule rather than the exception, and brands can truly optimize their mobile ad spend based on their own unique data.”

Manning continues that acquiring InferSystems made sense, enabling Kochava to jump into optimization straight away, not wasting years on development.
Following its wave of news, Kochava recently joined the Adobe Digital Marketing Solution Partner Program. Kochava mobile measurement technologies will be integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud for use by joint customers, forwarding attributed end user data to Adobe Analytics.

“Savvy advertisers are seeing the growing importance of mobile measurement as a key tool to not only save money and drive ROI, but also to learn more about their customers so they can adapt their campaigns to better reach and serve them. Partnering with Adobe means our joint customers, such as CBS, can now leverage both Adobe and Kochava data to inform their campaign decisions.”

The move means Kochava can enter into a co-selling relationship with Adobe. You can find out more about Kochava here.

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