Kiki Henrichs, Sales Manager at Avazu on Adding Video to Their mDSP and Expanding to the UK

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Posted: June 29, 2016

Kiki Henrichs is the Sales Manager at Avazu 
Hi Kiki, since we last spoke what have you been up to at Avazu Europe?
Yes, it’s been almost a year since we last spoke! I’ve been managing the global mDSP activities for our EU / US / LATAM offices. So, on the one hand connecting with potential clients, but also working closely with our existing clients to enhance our system and optimize it for all their needs. We always encourage clients to tell us what they need from the platform, we can basically built any feature to cater to their needs. The reactions on the new innovations have been overwhelming and working so close together is one of my favorite parts of my job. Besides the mDSP I’ve been focussing on our new Native Ads Solution.
What’s the latest news with the mDSP platform?
Since you need good quality traffic to run great converting campaigns we focused on expanding our traffic sources. The last couple of months we’ve added 17 new ones to our platform. We’re also in the process of launching a new function, Avazu mDSP PAX (Private Ad Exchange), to provide technical solutions for mobile traffic monetization. With Avazu PAX publishers can connect their own sources with our platform to sell their traffic directly to our clients.
Of course traffic is key, but the same goes for being able to run specifically targeted campaigns. That’s why we added a number of new tracking macros and targeting options such as device ID / domain lists, gender, IP ranges and IAB categories.
For me the most exciting new feature is definitely Video. We see great results with in-banner and in-stream video campaigns. Many clients are shifting from traditional bannering to video and also native ads, for both performance and branding campaigns. I expect to see the video activity continue growing, especially because the higher viewability, engagement and measurability.
How have your other products such as Native Ads been performing?
Native ads has been huge for us these first two quarters. We have Native traffic on the mDSP and a solution called ‘aNative’, which is a simplified marketplace for native ads. aNative allows app developers to monetise their app traffic and generate an additional revenue stream next to normal bannering. Ad Networks can also integrate with the solution to run our premium native CPI offers on their own traffic. We’ve seen amazing results since native ad display formats are seamlessly integrated into apps and publishers can advertise without compromising the user experience.
What’s the latest on your international rollout and what countries are you expanding to next?
After recently expanding to LATAM with our offices in Argentina and Brazil we’re now focussing on the UK. It’s a logical step for us to have a presence in the vibrant UK market. That’s also why we’re exhibiting at the App Promotion Summit in London next week, to meet with current and potential partners and to connect with experienced talent to add to our soon to be opened London office.
What’s your take on Virtual Reality – next big thing or still to early to say?
Next big thing for sure! I was at MWC 2016 and witnessed the Samsung pop-up VR theatre, it was insane.
What would you like to see in the iPhone 7?
A built in light on both sides of the iPhone7. What can I say.. I’m an IG junkie.
For more information, visit the official Avazu site here.

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