Kiip’s new incentivsed video ad format attracting big studios

Christopher Reynolds | September 30, 2014


Mobile ad platform Kiip has rolled-out its new incentivized video ad format, which gives users rewards for views.
Mobile video ads are nothing new of course, there’s already dedicated players like AdColony focusing on the format, but video is expected to do big things for mobile and an increasing number of networks are jumping into the fray (NativeX announced its own ‘native’ video format last week).
It’s therefore not surprising that Kiip, which focuses entirely on reward-based ads, has already signed-up some big name advertisers. Network AMC, McDonalds, and the studios behind big movies such as ‘Wolf of Wall St,’ are all getting on-board. The presence of major brands on Kiip’s network is interesting, as it not only further validates mobile video ads, but might also go someway to rehabilitating the incentivized ad format, which has been roundly criticized by many in the industry. Perhaps users who want treats for watching movie trailers are not quite as cynical as those who are willing to spend a few minutes playing a game? The studios will certainly hope so.
Announcing the new format, Kiip CEO Brian Wong said:

“We built a mobile video product that differs from what we saw across the industry. It respects users and gives them the choice to engage with the video. Brands can reach mobile users during moments of happiness, when users are most receptive to brand messaging, instead of with impressions that lack the context necessary for meaningful engagement on mobile. With our moments targeting technology, brands can bring the right content, to the right user, at the right time.”

Kiip says average view-through rates for its reward-based video ads are 77% while developers can look forward to CPMs of up to around $30. For more information check out the Kiip blog.

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