Key factors in mobile advertising viewability (INFOGRAPHIC)

Peter Keung | April 22, 2015

Mobile Advertising

A recently published Mobility Majority report examined mobile ad viewability based on IAB and Media Rating Council (MRC) standards. It released an infographic that determines and defines the key factors in mobile viewability.
Matthew Russo, Lead Educator at The Mobile Majority, explains:

“There is broad agreement within the industry on what viewability is, but until now, it has been difficult for stakeholders to physically see what needs to happen in order for viewability to be achieved. (Our) infographic maps the complexities out and gives industry stakeholders a way to define the process, understand how to track what is happening, and identify the potential opportunities for error. By breaking down each step and putting it in a visual format, we were able to illustrate the major bottlenecks within the current set-up and validate our approach of integrating each step of the process. That’s how we’ve been able to produce results higher than most of the industry averages.”

With advertisers paying for ads irrespective of whether they are seen or not by their target audiences, viewability is an increasingly important factor. The graphic examines impact factors such as reach, as well as the lifespan of an ad, from request to being served and tracked. It suggests that only a collective effort can ensure that the viewability debate gets resolved and unified into one seamless process.
Mobile advertising viewability is defined by a set of key circumstances and factors
The Mobile Majority CEO Rob Emrich adds that one of the key issues advertisers face is the lack of a single vendor offering a comprehensive all-in one campaign solution.

“Every time there is a handoff, whether by computer or more often (still) by humans, of an ad from one vendor to another, there is a loss of data or at least some sort of compromise in quality. Sorting out accountability for final results becomes impossible because no one vendor can be blamed or held accountable. This leads to an opaque and broken marketplace that no one individual participant can fix.”

Viewability reporting requires a clear set of measures and definitions to interpret data the same way across a variety of campaigns.

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