Juice Mobile adds Wikia and Grandex to its programmatic direct platform

Christopher Reynolds | November 25, 2014


Juice Mobile has plugged premium publishers Wikia and Grandex into its Nectar programmatic direct platform, the company has announced.
Juice says the addition of Wikia and Grandex, as well as several others, increases Nectar’s available mobile inventory by over one billion new impressions. The ad tech firm reckons this makes Nectar the “world’s leading programmatic direct platform for mobile.” Programmatic direct is distinct from the open bidding environment of RTB, in that it focuses on automating direct, guaranteed, ad buys with no auction.
While this sounds pretty similar to traditional direct digital ad sales, Juice says programmatic direct offers the best of both worlds – the efficiency and scale of RTB with the visibility and control of direct sales.
Juice CEO Neil Sweeney said:

“Through direct deal automation, these premium partnerships offer advertisers numerous benefits that they simply can’t get via the horizontal ad networks and exchanges. It’s another factor that makes JUICE Mobile stand out from other firms attempting to achieve in the mobile space.”

Grandex’s director of advertising Bradly Kee added:

“The direct access to premium mobile advertisers through Nectar gives us incomparable visibility and control over our inventory, while allowing us to better monetize our mobile traffic, serve new ad units and engage new audiences across our mobile network.”

Grandex operates a network of sites mainly aimed at students, including Total Sorority Move and Total Frat Move, while Wikia runs the popular Wikia platform that lets users create their own web communities and content around specific subjects.
For more information on Juice’s Nectar platform head over to the website.

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