It’s Time to Push Your Travel App Up

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Posted: July 13, 2015

Although it’s 90+ degrees outside, your head may be roaming somewhere in France or one of the Caribbean beaches, but we need you to get back to your app just for 5-10 minutes! If your app is dedicated to traveling, right now is the time to launch an ad campaign – it’s not too late!
Boost your Travel App
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Let me explain. Traditionally when you think about a marketing campaign that, for example, should take place on the Christmas Eve, you need to launch it ahead of time in order for people to have enough time to pick up a gift for their friends and family. With travel apps, the story is a bit different. Yes, people plan their vacations in advance, but there is a reason for the “Before You Go” section on the App Store. When traveling, people don’t always download apps before their trips. With Wi-Fi hotspots all over the place, people have no problem being able to connect and download. Finally, remember that iOS setting “Suggested Apps”? It allows you to get suggestions from the App Store based on your current location – take advantage of it!
Imagine someone sitting in a hotel lobby browsing the App Store to download the city guide or flipping through the store to find a taxi app, the list of cases goes on and on. One of the recent studies by Business Insider reminds us about the alarming fact that for the most part people are stuck with 2-3 apps they really love. But that doesn’t mean that people do not download new apps at all, they just use a few regularly. On a weekend, they download lots of apps to make the most of their hard-earned spare time. We all do, right?
How can you increase your app’s visibility quickly? By doing ASO for your app? This will include an app update submission and waiting for Apple’s editor team to approve it. There is faster way to launch an incentive traffic campaign. During this campaign you can supply mobile traffic to your app from multiple sources within a short period of time and elevate your app in its category Top Chart. You may start approaching various ad networks to work out details of your ad campaign, but again, it takes time. Here at Gowide we have made it simple for you, our AppBooster solution is what allows you to manage your traffic campaign with multiple sources in a single dashboard. All ad campaign settings and parameters are there for you to control.
Ok, the 10 minutes are over! You may get back to your vacation thoughts or go to to increase your app visability and get more natural traffic. The choice is yours.

Art Dogtiev,

Head of Branded Content at GoWide, Inc.

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