iOS 14.5 is not disrupting in-game ad performance after all

Anne Freer | August 2, 2021

App Marketing

It seems that Apple’s changes to App Tracking Transparency have had less of an effect on the performance of ad targeting in mobile games than many predicted.

According to new data from Apptopia, no clear trend to affect game download performance was observed after the roll-out of iOS 14.5.

iOS 14.5 adoption was around 70% to 75% in June 2021 and yet game monetisation performance has remained largely the same ever since.

There are a few plausible reasons for why this may the case. For one, Apple may not be penalising game developers for tracking just yet.

Or publishers could be spending more on user acquisition or be allocating a larger budget toward native ads of large networks like Facebook to gain access to highly efficient targeting.

Large publisher tend to have better targeting capabilities than smaller ones and the top 25 publishers represented around 24% of all mobile game downloads globally.

Or perhaps people are still allowing tracking by apps.

The trend for non-game apps was similar where in-app revenues among the top 50 games remained on par despite the roll-out of iOS 14.5.

It remains to be seen if these trends will change slightly over the coming 12 months, but early results are encouraging for developers and app marketers alike.

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