Iodine launches first Apple CareKit app for mental health

Melanie Ring | August 25, 2016

App Development


Start app, by digital health company Iodine, is the first clinical integration of an Apple CareKit-developed app. Launched this month, Start app is designed to help improve the management of depression and reduce the trial-and-error period of treatment.

Start app is integrated into clinical practice


Iodine is teaming up with San Francisco-based TMS Health Solutions clinics to make Start a part of treatment. It aims to cut the time between diagnosis and identifying suitable treatment by tracking progress in the app and providing reports which can be shared with healthcare providers.

Iodine’s co-founder and CEO Thomas Goetz says:

Thomas Goetz

“We’re thrilled to join with TMS Health Solutions to integrate the Start program into their practice. The reality of treating depression has long been bleak, but our data shows that by closely monitoring antidepressant use through Start, patients recover at a much higher and faster rate. By making Start a clinically-endorsed aspect of patient treatment, we’ll see a lot of depression-sufferers experiencing dramatically better results.”

Early results show that, after 6 weeks, 46% of Start users say they’re responding well to their treatment compared to 33% of antidepressant users. In 2014, Iodine raised $2.5 million in seed funding from seven investors including Sparklab Global Ventures and Boxgroup.

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