Instagram users are more engaged than Facebook users

When it comes to social media marketing in 2019, Instagram leads according to research by Socialbakers. Even though the platform has a much smaller audience than its parent Facebook, Instagrammers tend to be more engaged. This is attracting a growing number of advertisers.

Whilst fashion and beauty are the top industries on Instagram, Facebook is attracting more eCommerce interactions.

The study also noted that ad spend distribution by platform signalled increasing ad spend for Instagram whilst Facebook expenditure declined.

Meanwhile, Facebook mobile usage dominates over desktop and cost-per-click was also higher on mobile compared to desktop.

Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO at Socialbakers explains:

“According to Kleiner Perkins, an average user spends over three hours per day consuming digital media on mobile – a growth of nearly 4x over just the past five years. Mobile ads present a huge opportunity for marketers, they just need to start thinking about using mobile-friendly content formats. The key with mobile content is to focus on understanding the nature of mobile, then use those learnings to test and refine your content until you find what works best for your brand and audience.”

Median interactions for the top 500 brands on Facebook declined in 2018 to a 50% decrease in engagement. The drop is still in line with the social media network’s previous expectations given a major algorithm change.

Meanwhile, Instagram posts were still attracting more impressions compared to Stories.

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