Instagram top app for fitness influencers but TikTok has highest engagement rates

Anne Freer | February 12, 2021

App Business

Fitness apps have boomed ever since lockdowns kept people stuck indoors. New research by Upfluence shows how fitness influencers have been using social media platforms to boost their profiles.

Based on the analysis of 1,000 fitness influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and blogs, the company found that Instagram and YouTube were the most popular platforms for fitness influencers.

It’s easy to see why: both are big on images and video – important tools for fitness gurus and active celebrities.

Among the most common platform combinations used by fitness influencers were Instagram + YouTube and Instagram + blog.

But influencers on YouTube have more followers (average 326k) compared to Instagram (232k).

The study also found that despite Instagram being the most popular app, fitness influencers on TikTok had the highest average engagement rates (9.3% compared to 2.9% for Instagram).

Instagram audiences are predominately millennials in the US. Average engagement rates were highest for micro influencers (11.7%) on the app.

Meanwhile, mega-influencers performed the best on YouTube and TikTok in terms of engagement rates.

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