Instagram to launch marketplace for brands and creators to collaborate on campaigns

Anne Freer | July 14, 2022


Instagram is finally gearing up to launch its Creator Marketplace. 

The feature that allows brands to discover and connect with creators on the app has been in testing since last year with a select few US brands. 

It seems initial testing was successful because Instagram just announce that brands can now utilise the creator marketplace to find relevant creators to collaborate with. 

The tool makes it easier to find potential influencer matches for campaigns. Influencers are proving hugely successful on Instagram with 77% of marketers already setting aside budgets for creator campaigns on Instagram.

Brands will be able to use Meta Business Suite to filter creators by gender, age, number of followers and their specific interests. 

Advertisers can create lists of influencers, filter based on demographics of their audiences and check for tagged creators as well as similar ones.

Once they’ve narrowed down their search, brands can create campaigns and projects to share with their selected influencers. 

Projects usually include a campaign overview, the desired deliverables, compassion and other relevant information. 

Creators can then respond to brands they wish to work with and collaborate on campaigns. 

However, it seems the platform is still not widely available just yet. Instagram appears to be in the final stages of testing the marketplace before it will be rolled out to more marketers.

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