Instagram Reels outperforms TikTok for ad reach and impressions

Anne Freer | November 16, 2021

App Business

Instagram Reels outperform TikTok when it comes to reach and impressions.

That’s according to a test by Creatopy which ran the same 15-second ad on both apps to see which one would perform better across a range of variables including creative and audience engagement.

The two ads ran between September and October both featuring a 15-second product presentation video using the same ad copy.

The daily budget for both was $50 each and total ad spend was around $1000 on each platform.

Targeting was the same: US users aged 25 to 44 years.

The results show that Instagram Reels had a significantly higher reach at almost 400k. That’s almost double to TikTok’s 200k.

Instagram also performed strongly for impressions at 600k compared to 230k for TikTok.

It cost just $2.60 on Instagram to reach 1,000 people compared to $5.03 on TikTok.

A total of 36 viewers clicked on the Instagram ad compared to 28 clicks on TikTok.

CPM on TikTok was $4.38 compared to $1.67 on Instagram.

Because of the higher number of impressions and low number of clicks, cost per click was high on both – $35.72 on TikTok and $28.08 on Instagram.

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