Instagram officially adds Remix feature to rival TikTok

Anne Freer | April 7, 2021

App Business

Instagram has officially launched its Remix feature.

The TikTok Duet rival was teased earlier this year as yet another “borrowed” addition to the popular imaging app.

Facebook and its subsidiary are known to adapt tools from apps such as Snapchat or TikTok to keep their users engaged.

Instagram added Remix to its Reels. It lets users create their own content alongside other people’s previously posted videos.

In other words, users can remix a reel.

When they see a video they like, they just tap on the dots to the top right of the video and click the Remix This Reel button.

Then they can record a video in real-time or use a pre-recorded one from their camera and edit it.

Reels allows users to record short videos by adding audio, effects and other creative tools.

Videos can then be shared to fees, stories or the Explore section.

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