Instagram is testing a repost function

Anne Freer | September 13, 2022

App Business

Instagram could be about to get a whole lot busier with the app apparently testing a repost option that would allow users to share someone else’s post.

According to a tweet from expert Matt Navarra, the app is currently trialling resharing of posts to the user feed with a select number of users.

The original creator of the shared post will receive full credit. 

The thought behind the function appears to be that this would be one way for users to interact more effectively with one another. After all, most people tend to trust the recommendations of their friends.

The problem on Instagram is that not everyone you follow will be a friend or acquaintance. This means reposts have the potential to become highly annoying because they won’t be the type of content users want to see.

In an attempt to rival TikTok, the app has already been working on its recommendation algorithm. 

The problem is that users are already complaining they’re not actually seeing the posts from the people they follow. In other words, all these features are making it pointless to follow any accounts at all. 

For the longest time, Instagram focused on telling users to build their own networks. 

Now it suddenly wants to take back the reigns by suggesting more and more content to them. While this is understandable from a marketing and advertising perspective, it could seriously hamper the user experience.

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