Instagram axes Swipe up in favour of Stickers

Anne Freer | August 25, 2021

App Business

Instagram is changing the way external links will be shared in its Stories.

Currently, users can swipe up on a link in a Story to view additional content and be redirected to an external website.

Now, Instagram wants to remove the Swipe feature and replace it with Link stickers.

By the end of August, it is expected that Swipe up will be fully replaced by the stickers.

The popular photo app said that the move was aimed at improving the experience of creating Stories.

It already provides options like stickers, donations and polls within Stories. So the change makes for a seamless transition.

Users can also swap between different styles of stickers and that way have more creative control.

But it also means that brands can potentially place their links in a more prominent position within their Stories. The Swipe up feature is displayed at the bottom of the screen, whereas stickers can sit anywhere within a story, even at the top.

It remains to be seen if brands and advertisers will see a notable shift in engagement with stickers.

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