Instagram adds banner features to mobile advertising product

Anne Freer | June 16, 2016

Mobile Advertising


Popular photo app, Instagram, has added banner features to its mobile ad products. Now, calls-to-action resemble the banner format more than ever before.

For the user, that means when they click on an ad from their news feed, a banner will pop up at the bottom of the screen and ask people to take an action, such as visiting a store website or downloading app. When a consumer clicks on the banner, a website within Instagram opens.

Truvia banner ad



The company says that such profile taps would be counted as part of the click reporting for a campaign. It adds:

“We found that Instagrammers were routinely tapping on a company’s name from a direct response ad to learn more. Now when that happens, the call-to-action button from that same ad extends to the company’s profile page to make it easier for people to discover a business they care about.”

Since rolling out its API in 2015, the call to action feature is another step for Instagram to become a direct response option for advertisers.

Earlier this year, Instagram added a feature that allows brands to target customers with unpurchased items left in their shopping carts.

The company now has over 200,000 businesses advertising each month. Its 400m monthly active users spend an average 21 minutes in the app per day and upload over 80m images.

Instagram also just released new tools for businesses to advertise more effectively.

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