Instagram adds Badges for creators to boost monetisation options

Anne Freer | October 23, 2020

App Business

Instagram handed out some 50,000 badges for creators using Instagram Live extending their monetisation options.

Fans of creators and influencers can now purchase badges which are then displayed next to their comments during a live stream by their favourite creators.

The get placed on the creator’s badge holder list.

In addition, Instagram said it would match earnings from badges for a little while to help struggling creators throughout coronavirus.

“As a working mother of four during a particularly crazy time, Badges in Live has been an amazing tool for me to make money from home, just using my cellphone,” said Ronne Brown, the CEO and Founder of Girl. “I spent a lot of time going live on Instagram before so to be able to monetise the content I was already creating in a way that feels natural has been a game changer for me.”

The popular imaging app also plans to extend its IGTV ads beta to more creators this week. For starters, only influencers in the US will gain access to the test.

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